About Us

826 Queen Street, Suite 200, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Tel: 808-591-8826 Fax: 808-591-2696
Hibiscus Aloha Corporation is located in the heart of Kakaako, between Ala Moana and beautiful downtown Honolulu. Founded in 1988, our plant with fully automated machinery has enabled us to expand our line with larger product quantities and even higher expectations.  A minority and woman owned business; we were doing business with Costco Hawaii from 1999 - 2001.      
We carrry two specialty gourmet lines, ELVIRA CHOCOLAT of HAWAII, which carries a full line of exclusive premium chocolates, confections, and along with Elvira’s special formulation creates exquisite delicacies!  HAWAII MONARCH CHOCOLATE carries our unique chocolate covered Macadamia Nut candies using premium Hawaiian grown Macadamia Nuts, fresh dried pineapple, and Kona Coffee blend as our core ingredients to satisfy our customer’s tastes.  All of our items are manufactured at our factory in Honolulu. 
In December 1995 we were one of 20 Hawaii products appearing on QVC and was selected as the top product and earned the award of “The Quest for America’s Best, QVC’s 50 in 50 Tour” for the state of Hawaii.  Then in 1996, the company introduced a full line of healthy snacks under the brand name of Elvira Snacks & Goodies.  Since 1997, our products have also been televised nationally on The Home Shopping Network, which has an audience of 60 million households.  Hibiscus Aloha Corporation was recognized and awarded as the 2000 Governor’s Exporter of the Year for Manufactured Products.  Then in 2001, Elvira was awarded by the Small Business Administration as the Exporter of the Year, a very prestigious award recognized by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the State of Hawaii. Elvira graciously shares both awards with all employees to take pride in. In 2003 we expanded our products and, in 2005 we again added new products, our Tiki Kookies and Tiki Rocks. We are specialized in Pineapple Crunch, both in white and milk chocolate. Currently, we do a 3 boxed private label for two companies.
In 2008, Hibiscus Aloha Corporation scaled back to only work with Hawaii retails and warehouse stores, since then the company revised the design, image and formula to appear to local residents and international visitors.
We are now introducing a hot new flavor from Asia into Hawaiian Macadamia nut chocolate market, “Green Tea or Matcha”
We mixed 100% Nature Green Tea powder into chocolate, resulted in a rich, natural, and green tea flavor together with island premium Macadamia Nuts to create the very, very unique “Green Tea Macadamia Nut Bars”.  A perfect moment to showcase a unique flavor of Hawaiian macadamia nut chocolate with a touch of East.